Easily educate patients on trusted health solutions.

Patients are confused about whether to trust influencers, ads, and other health content they find online.

Share trusted products on your new digital store, and optionally earn passive income when patients click on products, regardless of whether they buy.

*Free for life for providers who sign up this month!

How it works

1. Pick products you like

Protect patients from shopping for unsafe products by sharing consumables, devices, and virtual services you like best. Pick from our pre-vetted list after reviewing concise clinical information, or add your own favorite products.


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2. Patients shop & save 15%+

Your patients create health profiles for free, and we match them with products from your store that address their needs. When patients buy a product, our brand partners pay us a fee, and we split that as cash back with your patients.


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3. Earn passive income

When patients click a product and visit the brand's website, they learn more about a trusted way to improve their health. We can pay you $2 per click (regardless of whether they buy) as a reward for educating patients.


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Protect patients from bad choices

Patients are inundated with an average of 6,000 ads like this everyday. How will they know if it’s safe to take this pill to treat their Insomnia?

Your patients are looking for clinical guidance before buying online. Your personalized store can finally give them the clarity they deserve.

Products on our marketplace

Educate patients on a range of health products vetted by our clinical team. We can also add other products you love!

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Types: OTC vitamins, supplements, probiotics, and healthy drinks/foods.

Example: Natalist’s prenatal supplement can support patients through their pregnancy journeys.


Types: Home medical devices, lab tests, pain relief products, and more.

ExampleAliveCor’s FDA-cleared, portable EKG monitor can help patients more conveniently detect Afib.


Types: Tele-services, online community support, wellness apps, and more.

Example: Obé Fitness can help patients lose weight through interactive exercise classes.

Educational Articles

Types: Trusted educational content like how to manage cholesterol levels, the difference between pre-diabetes and diabetes, tips to manage stress, and more.


Example: 6 Biggest Weight Loss Myths Busted can help clarify misinformation around weight loss strategies that influencers often promote.

Peer Support

Types: Share moderated online health communities for your patients to interact with peers managing similar health conditions


Example: The Type 2 Diabetes health community will allow diabetic patients to view forums, ask questions, send messages to peers, and more.

Innovative Treatments

Types: Connect patients to clinical trials for innovative treatments to potentially solve their most challenging health issues.


Example: The Diabetic Macular Edema clinical trial could help patients discover an investigational treatment to resolve this persistent issue.

Compensation without a ceiling

How you could make more than $15,000 a year, passively.

Number of your patients that sign-up in 2023800 (3 per work day)
Number of products clicked per patient per year10 clicks
Flat fee per click$2
Total Revenue Earned$16,000 (800 x 10 x $2)

Patients are loving it

“I found this awesome pain relief product and I was honestly only able to afford it because I saved 20% buying it through my doctor's new store.”

Amar Patient

    I bought a health product off TikTok once and it gave me a severe rash. Talked to my provider and they said to try something else on their Frontrow store, and I feel so, so much better.”

    Jessica Patient

      “Most doctors I’ve worked with just say “lose weight” and prescribe me meds...My new doctor directed me to a new weight loss service (Obe Fitness) on his store, and I’ve already lost 6 pounds!

      Jacob Patient

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        Frequently asked questions

        I'm not sure how to evaluate home health products?

        We understand — educating patients on health and wellness products is new. But, if you’re unsure about how to evaluate whether a product is safe or effective, think about how confused your patients must feel?


        Your medical expertise makes you the perfect guide for your patients, and we’re here to help. Here’s how:


        01 | Our clinical team has already vetted all the products on our marketplace — we’ve interviewed hundreds of brands, and have narrowed down the list to what we think is best. If you have favorite products that are not on the marketplace, we’d be happy to add them to your unique store, free of charge, same-day!


        02 | Each of our partner brands are required to complete a clinical-one pager on their product — they’ve answered questions like why they use certain ingredients / components, what clinical evidence supports the safety and efficacy of their product, how is the product different / better than other similar products on the market, and more.


        03 | We’re on standby to answer any questions you have — this is a free, white-glove service where we can sit with you for as long as you need to help you evaluate any products on our marketplace as you build your unique store.


        What about legal/liability issues?

        Frontrow Health takes liability/regulatory issues seriously and has designed its model to be compliant with federal and state regulations in partnership with industry-leading regulatory advisors.


        01 | Liability


        Liability control: Patients accept terms and conditions that acknowledge their provider is not responsible for any adverse events related to a product the patient purchases through the provider’s digital store.

        Impact: Patients acknowledge their provider is working in good faith and that it's not possible for them to know every potential side effect of each product given they react differently to each unique person.


        Liability control: Providers are never prescribing treatments through the platform.

        Impact: By including an OTC consumable, device, etc., on your store, you are educating them about how this product seems like a potentially beneficial product that may be worth checking out -- you are never specifically prescribing a product to your patient or recommending that a patient should be taking a specific product as a part of a unique treatment plan.


        Liability control: The patient purchases the product on the health brand partner's website; the patient never actually purchases anything on a provider's storefront.

        Impact: If for some reason the patient is given a bad batch of a product, etc., because the provider never handled the product and the purchase happened between a consenting person and the health brand, liability remains on the health brand.


        02 | Regulatory


        From a regulatory perspective, we follow Anti kick-back and Stark Laws to the letter. As a refresher, these laws instruct that providers can not receive compensation for referring a patient to a service that is reimbursable by Medicare or Medicaid (Anti kick-back), or cannot receive compensation for referral of Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries (Stark).


        For that reason, you will not be paid for any clicks from patients who are Medicare / Medicaid beneficiaries, for clicks related to products that are reimbursable by Medicare or Medicaid, OR (to be hyper-cautious) could be reimbursable by private insurers. (We only have a few products that meet any of the above qualifications anyway, but in the case you do add them to your store, you will not be compensated for any clicks related to these products).


        Additionally, we go above and beyond to ensure we also follow the spirit of the law which is to ensure providers are never making bad decisions for their patients purely for the sake of financial reward. For this reason, we’ve applied the following critical regulatory controls:


        Regulatory control: Providers are paid regardless of whether the patient buys the product.

        Impact: Providers are not incentivized to “sell” any products for financial gain, just to educate their patients on products that could be relevant and beneficial for them.


        Regulatory control: Providers are paid a flat $2 fee per product click, not a percentage of the retail price of the product.

        Impact: Providers are not incentivized to include products that are more expensive in an attempt to gain more financial reward.


        Regulatory control: Providers are paid the same flat fee per product clicked (vs. higher flat fees for some products).

        Impact: Providers are not incentivized to include products that have higher fees if all fees are the same.


        Regulatory control: Providers are paid by Frontrow, not the product manufacturer

        Impact: There is no financial relationship between the manufacturer and and the provider, we partner with the provider, we pay them the same flat rate and the brands have no influence over how or how much our providers partners are paid.


        In summary, through Frontrow, there is no benefit for a provider to guide patients to products they don't like because providers can add any health product to their store, and all click payments are the same, so why add products you don’t think are good? And again, we pay providers for clicks and for educating their patients, not for "selling" -- there is no benefit to the provider when the patient buys any product.

        How easy is it for me and my patients to get set up?

        It takes just a few simple steps:


        (1) Create an account

        (2) Review product details

        (3) Pick products you like

        (4) Tell your patients to sign up on our website and select you as their provider


        And you're done!


        If you don't like some of the products on our marketplace, no worries! Email us products you love and we'll add them same day. Your choice, your store.


        Our team is also on standby to help you and your staff refer patients to your store by providing you with all the relevant pamphlets, message templates, and more.

        Which providers can use this and how much can we earn?

        Which providers can use this:

        This service can be used by all healthcare professionals (doctors, NPs, PAs, nutritionists, etc.).


        How you're paid:

        Frontrow Health deposits your earnings into your PayPal or Venmo at the end of every month ($2 every time a patient clicks a product and visits the brand partner's website, regardless of whether they buy).


        How much you can earn:

        There is no ceiling to the compensation you can earn.

        For example, if you refer 3 patients a day to your digital store, and those patients click on 10 products throughout the year, then you'll earn $16,000 in passive additional income.


        800 patients signed up (3/day x 260 working days)


        10 products clicked





        How do you ensure data security and privacy?

        We take patient data security seriously and our platform is fully HIPAA compliant. Our entire team participates in regular HIPAA compliance training and our software solution has bank-grade security to protect your patient's health information.


        We also never share or sell your patient's health data and patients only provide data they're comfortable sharing in their own private health profile.

        How does this benefit my patients?

        (1) Patients are looking for your advice: today, your patients are served ads online and are confused about what to trust. Frontrow Health gives them a chance to shop for products they know their own provider is a fan of, all from the comfort of their home.


        (2) Patients want to see products that are relevant to their needs: instead of dropping your patients into a store of hundreds of products, our recommendation algorithm evaluates their health profile and recommends products from your store that match their stated health goals, making it easier than ever to discover products that meet their needs.


        (3) Patients can’t afford to pay full price: Frontrow Health makes their healthcare more affordable. Here, patients earn meaningful cash back on every purchase, because we split the advertising revenue health brands pay us with your patients (instead of all the advertising revenue going to Mark Zuckerberg).

        Does insurance cover the cost of any products for patients?

        They can, but it depends on the product your patients buy, and which private insurance provider they have!


        Out of pocket:

        Many home health products are out of pocket expenses, which is why Frontrow Health's 15+% cash back makes it more affordable than ever to shop online.



        Some products are reimbursable by private insurance or covered by HSA/FSA, and in those cases, your patients still get cash back.

        Educate your patients on products they can trust today.

        *Free service, no hidden fees.